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This series of Mitsubishi Pajero Papercraft models was created for the Mitsubishi Papercraft Car Show. Designed by automotive papercraft expert Akira Mizorogi, each model features incredibly accurate details and accessories.

Mitsubishi unfortunately pulled these models off their website a decade ago, so 4x4ward found and purchased an unused set to archive and make available totally free. If you've never made a papercraft before, we suggest watching a video to understand the basics.

All models are available in a color or line art file. Meaning you can easily match the paint job, wheels, lifts, and other accessories to your vehicle. Or if you just want to have some fun, print out a color and go to town. We can't wait to see what you come up with.

Product Details

  • PDF is sized to 8.5x11 in a single page

  • Works best with cardstock and a glue stick

  • Scoring the fold lines can help with heavier paper

  • Hand-coloring is encouraged

Color Models
Line Art Models
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