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P&D Magazine (Pajero & Delica Magazine), was a small automotive publication that ran from the mid 90s to the late 00s in Japan. As the name implies, it exclusively covered Pajero (Montero) and Delica models through all generations, along with Kei variants like the Pajero mini, and rare editions like the Pajero Evolution. It had a community focused layout, with dozens of owner cars and submissions in each issue, as well as club spotlights in the Mitsubishi 4wd communities. Feature articles include a wide array of subjects, from testing new Pajero or Delica models, to part installations, to events. And with such a narrow focus of models, the ads were tailored to those specific cars as well, showcasing a wide assortment of aftermarket parts and accessories from that era.

MNFR Part Number: VOL31 - P&D Magazine Volume 31

Out of Stock
    • Dec 1997 issue of Pajero & Delica Magazine
    • Reviews, specs, and accessories for the early/mid 90s Mitsubishi Pajero (Montero) and Delica
    • 178 pages, full color
    • Saddle stitch
    • Japanese text