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It started with red and white. Back in the day. Back when getting custom stickers made required visiting someone with a vinyl plotter and having them weed out the non-essential portions.


We've evolved since then, and now anyone is able to upload their latest design to the printer and have their stickers in hand within the week. But we wanted to relive that feeling. The now outdated font choices, the intentional 'motorports' typo. It's something you can relive now too, thanks to the 4X4WARD 3" THROWBACK LOGO sticker.

MNFR Part Number: 4X016 - Throwback Round Sticker

SKU: 4X016
    • 4X4WARD Original Equipment.
    • Three-inch round sticker. 
    • Throwback colorway, inspired by FAST 4WARD Motorsports
    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Three inch good for side windows.