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A staple of 80s/90s forced induction, Turbo Timers came about as a way to cool your turbo and associated liquids after driving for a long time. Often allowing for multiple windows of run time, they interrupt the ignition to keep your car idling for a few minutes after you've turned it off, locked it up, and walked away. This helps keep oil/coolant from sitting in the still very hot turbo, burning up and leaving deposits behind.


Many different brands have created these over the past 4 decades, with the most prominent including HKS and Greddy, both still in the realm today. Their universal fitment makes them easy to install. And with cars build after the early 90s, wiring harnesses often exist that allow for literal plug and play setup. Curious about a Turbo Timer in your car? Reach out to us and we're happy to help.