In the early 1990s, seeing an opportunity to gather Mitsubishi owners who enjoyed the outdoors, Mitsubishi founded Star Camp. This annual trek is still going on each summer in Japan and brings thousands of Mitsubishi owners of all walks of like and all makes and models. 


While at Star Camp, visitors can test out the latest Mitsubishi 4wd vehicles and pick up souvineers. These mugs, shirts, and jackets are hard to come by as most owners don't want to let them go. Though sometimes we get lucky enough and can offer it here. 

MNFR Part Number: IM026 - Mitsubishi Star Camp Jacket

SKU: IM026
    • Used from Japan
    • Condition is excellent. No rips/tears, graphics look great.
    • Dates to mid 1994
    • Front button closure
    • Two front pockets
    • Waist synch
    • Nylon windbreaker material. Best for light rain or cool days.
    • Size approx US medium
    • Mitsubishi RV Center logo on chest
    • Mitsubishi Star Camp design on back
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