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Around the campsite it's easy to recognize how unique the world is. Each tree blows a little differently, each rig set up to meet the owner's needs, and each whisp of the flame jumping from the well seasoned cedar in a way that is entirely new and will never be repeated again.


It's that exact same belief that went in to the Anti Overland Overland Club Coalfire t-shirt. Hand tie-died patters are inspired by the coals that burn long after the main campfire has quieted down. The heavyweight cotton is soft and durable, while the embroidered chest logo lives at the center of each design.


Like all 4X4WARD Original Apparel, your order will include a matching Anti Overland Overland Club sticker.

MNFR Part Number: 4X031 - AOOC Coalfire T-Shirt

SKU: 4X031