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March, the truck had been sitting in the same spot over winter. It had been a number of winters since it was moved out here, and the weather was leaving impressions of its self in the faded paint and deflated tires. I’d known this truck when it was younger, before the window gaskets failed and let rain seep in to the cabin. Before someone has tried to open the door with a screwdriver. Before it ran too hot and cracked the head. 


But there, in the corner of the windshield was a reminder of before all that. Over those journeys, over those years, over those winters the 4X4WARD MONOCHROME ROUND STICKER that I once applied still looked new, still holding strong, still a part of this trucks story. 

4x4ward Monochrome Round Logo Sticker

SKU: 4X002-3M
    • 4X4WARD Original Equipment.
    • Three-inch round sticker. 
    • Monochrome colorway.
    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Three inch good for side windows.