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Somewhere between a mask and a recession

I told Ben and Nate this would be short and sweet, but tonight it feels heavy. The month of November has been a blur to say the least. A whirlwind of emotion between world events that are out of all our control. As I scroll social media today feeling helpless, I remember I still have a job, I’m in an industry that is safe from being shut down, and I have a roof over my head. You’re probably wondering where the hell I’m even going with this. The one thing in all of our control is where/how we spend our money this holiday season.

As more coronavirus restrictions roll into effect in the coming week, I think about the many small businesses that make up our community which will be deeply effected by less business due to another coronavirus “freeze”. As we joke and feel saddened by what feels like a canceled holiday season, I challenge you to put your money right back into the immediate community around you. As you look to change out old worn tires before winter, remember the local tire shop with amazing customer service struggling to compete with chain suppliers. When you gear up for warmth on upcoming cold weather adventures, remember the local outdoor shops only stocking the best products for your outside activities. On your weekly date night, remember the local restaurant struggling to keep the doors open because of a slow flow of takeout sales.

I’m sitting here writing this on the verge of tears thinking about the community I love so dearly as many have been forced to close their doors this year. The list goes on of ways you can support, but I urge you to remember the small businesses around you who will be hurting this holiday season. I’m challenging myself this holiday season to order takeout from at least one new local restaurant a week, support small local auto shops, only buy local kombucha/beer, and purchase Christmas gifts from small local retailers.

Be kind and remember we’re all in this together!

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