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Deli Meet Recap

Our typical get-togethers are based on GPS coordinates instead of a freeway exit, but for a quick get together, sometimes the parking lot of a Michael's (you thought was out of business) works well in a pinch. We first posted about Deli Meet to @delicargo less than a week ago. Yet with only 4 days notice we still had 14 vans show up, along with 1 Montero and 1 Celica joining in.

While the vast majority were L300 Star Wagons, we want to give thanks to Crankshaft Culture for bringing their L400 Space Gear to hang out as well. Despite how many of these newer Delicas seem to be coming in to the states, we just aren't seeing that many on the road still. Like all our meets, we were happy to hand out some Hiragana "デリカ" (Delica) stickers along with some Delicas Northwest stickers we had leftover.

The next Deli Meet is already in the works, stay tuned to our events page and on Instagram for more details.

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