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Any Truck can be a Garbage Truck*

*Pick up after others, clean up after others, help restore nature.

We're not preachers, we're not ones to force others in to cleaning up trails.

We clean up because we like doing it. And we think you feel the same way.

The Mission

Trail cleanup missions, events, and gatherings are some of the strongest tools we have available to us in keeping forests and public lands free from the trash that is left behind. But we wanted to go one level deeper, and recognize that the biggest moments and the largest impact often happen on the smallest scale.

Looking to the moments that don't stick out is where these small fixes happen. You pull over at that lookout to take a photo, and near your foot is a cigarette but. You find that clearing to set up camp for the night, and shells are scattered around. You're setting up your fire in that circle of rocks and a few old beer cans are scatted amongst the ashes. To take those pieces out of the forest for you also takes them out for everyone after you.

This is why we say, Any Truck can be a Garbage Truck. It's a mission not about ensuring every piece of trash is removed, but taking even one piece out of the forest during your time there is a net win overall. And if we all take that one piece out, public lands become cleaner and more enjoyable spaces for all. 

- Ben & Nate

The Collection

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