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Thu, May 16


Outside Dale, Oregon

Camp Like You Give a Shit 2019

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Camp Like You Give a Shit 2019
Camp Like You Give a Shit 2019

Time & Location

May 16, 2019, 12:00 PM – May 19, 2019, 4:00 PM

Outside Dale, Oregon, Dale, OR 97856, USA

About the event

Congratulations. You've been selected to attend the 2019, 3rd Annual, 4X4WARD Camp Like You Give A Shit Rally in the Woods. 

As part of your pre-trip preparations we've included some important documents that will help you plan, answer some common questions, and help you find your way. 

Please read everything. We've put a lot of time, effort, and money in to ensuring this is an enjoyable trip for everyone attending. We will be posting important info to the Instagram account as well.

CONTACT INFO: If you have any questions, you can get in touch with us via Instagram, or if want to get in touch via Cell Phone (service while camping is not guaranteed):

  • Instagram: @4X4WARD

We strongly encourage you to at least carry Handheld Radios (FRS/GMRS), if you don't have one we might have a few to share. We also recommend not CB or Ham if you have the setup. This will allow you to chat while driving, and if you need to leave camp for any reason, still get in touch with the base. We will be on the below channels all weekend:

  • FRS/GMRS: Channel 4
  • CB: Channel 4
  • Ham Simplex: 400.400
  • Ukaih Repeater W7URG: 444.950 +5Mhz PL 136.5

TIME/DATE: May 16th-19th 2019 You are welcome to show up at any time as your schedule allows. Currently we know of people going Thursday morning, Thursday after work, Friday morning, and Friday after work. The main group is staying at the site until Sunday morning, but you are welcome to stay later. 

Note: If you do not drive with the first group and arrive before 1:00pm on Thursday, we likely will not be there yet. Please hang out in Dale so we can find the proper spot together.

CAMPSITE INFO: Due to the size of our group, and inability to reserve a site, we know of the specific road we will be on, but not a specific campsite. Please follow the instructions below to locate the group when you arrive. We will be at one of the potential locations listed below.

  • Location: On National Forest Service Development Road 055 (NFSDR 055)
  • Closest Small Town: Dale, OR (NFSDR 055 is approx .5 miles north of Dale): [44.9885° N, 118.9475° W]
  • Closest City: Ukiah, OR (approx 10 miles north of NFDR 055): [45.1340° N, 118.9325° W]

Getting to Dale, OR/NFDR 055 From Portland

  1. Take I-84 Eastbound towards Pendleton
  2. Take Exit 209 for US-395S towards Pendleton/John Day
  3. Follow US-395S for 62.5 miles

From Idaho Falls

  1. Take I-84 Westbound towards Boise
  2. Take Exit 374 for OR-201 towards US-20/US-26
  3. Take OR-201 to US-26 W/HWY 20 W
  4. Turn right on to US-395N and follow for 12.4 miles

We will be at one of the following Potential Locations all close to Dale, OR and on the same road (NFSDR 055),

  • Potential Location 1: Driftwood Campground - 6.2 Miles from Dale, OR
  • Potential Location 2: Gold Dredge Campground - 8.8 Miles from Dale, OR
  • Potential Location 3: Oriental Campground* - 14.2 Miles from Dale, OR
  • Potential Location 4: Dispersed Camping along the North Fork John Day River†

*Oriental Campground is the end of the road. If you have not found us and it is before 1:00pm on Thursday, we may have not arrived yet. If it is after 1:00pm on Thursday please head back towards Dale and keep a close eye for cars. If you have a radio, please set it to the channels listed above and try to contact us. We will only be at one of the locations listed above. †There are many potential spots for dispersed camping. While it is not our preference, if there are no other options this is what we will do. Please keep an eye out for the Flag (shown below). If we are dispersed camping, we will also leave a vehicle close to the road so we can be seen more easily. Once on NFSDR 055 the Thursday Morning Group will chose the best available location. You can drive down NFDR 055 until you see the 4X4WARD flag. This flag will always be at outside our campsite so it can be seen from the road. We will also always leave at least one car at the campground in case you show up and no one is around, you'll at least know you're in the right spot.

WHAT TO BRING: Some items listed are required, others are suggestions. Please read the below information carefully to ensure you don't end up being that guy who needs to borrow something every 5 minutes. 


  • Money: Campgrounds are up to $10 per vehicle per night. We're going to do our best to keep costs down, but just in case please bring cash for how long you will be there. (EG: If you are there for 2 nights, bring $20 cash). If you need to pay for your YETI Mug, you can do so with cash, PayPal, or Venmo.
  • Food and water: All meals will be done potluck style. Instead of bringing individual meals, we encourage you to bring something that can be shared. If you would like suggestions or help on this, please reach out to us on Instagram, or contact Ben or Nate.
    • A good way to think about this is something you can make, but everyone can eat. 
    • If you have dietary restrictions (vegetarian, vegan, gluten free) don't feel obligated to partake in this if it makes your life/prep work easier. 
  • Firewood: We're going to go through a lot of it. Please bring at least 1 bundle per night.
  • Camping equipment: I mean, duh. 
  • Trash-bags: Leave it better than you found it. Pack it in, pack it out. Take only photos, leave only footprints. You get the idea.
  • Plate/cup/silverwear


  • Fishing Equipment: The river we are staying on has some great Trout fishing. But please remember to get your Oregon fishing license if you want to fish.
  • Camera
  • Radio/Walkie talkies
  • Water: Can be a big jug, or individual bottles. You can never have enough.
  • Extra Fuel: If you've got a Jerry Can it may be smart to fill it up and bring it.
  • Beverages/plants of your choosing

Do Not Bring:

  • Kids: Just, don't.
  • Dogs: We strongly encourage you to not bring your 4 legged friends. Due to the remote nature of the trip (long drive), and let's be real: constant drinking, it simply won't be a safe environment. 
  • Portable Music Players: It's the wilderness, enjoy it for Christ Sake.

THURSDAY MORNING (MAY 16th) CONVOY: For those in the Portland Area who want to take full advantage of the trip, Nate & Ben will be leaving early Thursday morning. You are not required to leave Thursday and are welcome to show up to the campsite as your schedule allows. If you are unable to meet up Thursday and want to drive with other people attending, please coordinate on your own.

  • Meeting Time: 8:00am Thursday, May 16th
  • Roll-out Time: 8:30am Sharp
  • Location: Walmart Supercenter parking lot near the GameStop (Exit 16 on I-84 East) 
  • Address: 23476 NE Sandy Blvd, Wood Village, OR 97060

SATURDAY OFF-ROAD ADVENTURE:The canyon we are staying in has some wonderful forest roads near by. On Saturday, we'll be taking a group off-road trip through some of these routes. Anyone is welcome to join in or ride along. There will be some recovery gear available, and the trails should be pretty light, but friendly reminder if you don't think that your vehicle will survive the trip it's suggested it stay back at camp. OTHER NOTES: 

Firearms: This should go without saying, but if you are bringing guns please use common sense. 

  • Don't have them out in the campground. 
  • Know the laws around transporting.
  • ESPECIALLY if you need to cross state lines. 
  • Please don't shoot cans or bottles, use targets, and make sure to pick up your shells/cartridges.

Weather: Early reports are (knock on wood) looking good.

  • Only if the weather is absolutely horrible (constant rain/thunderstorms/lightning) will we change plans

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