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I'd been camping for five days at this point, moving between rural areas and staying away from pavement as though I had a reason not to return. The trash bags had been filling up, and my clothes had gone mostly unchanged over that time. The neatness of my gear when I left was now a lost concept, and the stench of who I am as a person had begun to soak through the polyester fill of my jacket.


It was the seventh day that I noticed it. My car was still as fresh as the day we'd left, why wasn't I? Looking around I realized that it must be the NOSE PATROL 4x4 FRESHIE hanging from my rearview mirror. I gently removed it, stretching the one-size-fits-all elastic band to a 10" diameter, and slid it over my head. I, too, would now be able to keep the bacterial demons at bay. At least for now.


  • Dark Ice Scent
  • Made in the U.S.A. by Nose Patrol
  • Yellow/black 4x4 Design
  • Mirror hanging device included

MNFR Part Number: NP010 - Nose Patrol 4x4 Freshie

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