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Founded in 1964, Aiba Works continues to produce parts for the automotive industry in Japan. While their primary focus has shiften to industrial applications like flat beds and snow plows, they're more widely known for their 1980s-1990s run of 4wd and off-road accessories.


Common items are their bumpers and roof racks, which are still produced today using the same design they first released decades ago. You may also find apparel, lighting, and rear ladders. Not as common as JAOS, these products are still of the highest quality and carry that uniquely 90s JDM off-road style.

Aiba Works Horn Button

SKU: IM087
Out of Stock
    • Aiba Works Land Runner Horn Button
    • Condition: 8/10 
    • Dates to mid 90s
    • Chrome finished plastic
    • Deep grey horn center
    • Requires horn ring to use in most wheels (part of wheel assembly, not included)