It wasn't where a patch would normally go, even looking at the description of "Iron or Sew on Adhesion" you wouldn't find the details for this. It instead just took a small piece of velcro - the scratchy side, with a dab of glue to get the 3" TIPPY VAN PATCH stuck on to the headliner.


There it served as a heads up, when their head was looking up. It called out with its 100% embroidery that you're up high, and that at any time a little angle may feel like a bit too much. But just like this patch, the van is grabbing on more than you may think, even though the reminder is nice.

MNFR Part Number: DC011 - 3" Tippy Van Patch

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    • New for 2020.
    • Three inch size.
    • Classic cardboard placuard.
    • Iron or sew on adhesion.
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