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We walked through the isles of a second hand and military surplus store out in the middle of nowhere. Why we stopped I wasn't sure, but the piles of stuff outside the front door were enough for the convoy to turnaround and park alongside its painted gray brick exterior. It was on these isles we saw the pebbled green finish of an Aladdin Stanley thermos. Covered in dust it had sat there for years, relegated to an afterthought despite given most of its life to the service of keeping things warm.


Few items stand this test of time. Fewer not only survive but continued to be admired as a sign of quality by no more than silhouette. YETI is one of these items. And there may come a day decades from now where as a future generation walks down similar isles, they'll see the 4X4WARD 14oz YETI MUG and long to own it, long after we had them made.

MNFR Part Number: 3P001 - 14oz Yeti Mug

SKU: 3P001