I slipped the VHS cassette in to its player. As the static on our 16" television faded, the picture jostled in to focus. I didn't have time to coming attractions, and quickly hit the fast forward button as the screen was embedded with horizontal snow. 


It's this moment that inspires the 4X4WARD RAD LOGO STICKER. Securely fashioned to it's backing sheet like the protective cardboard sleeve of the tape I was playing. Offered only at the 2019 Radwood PNW on July 20th in Tacoma, WA.

MNFR Part Number: 4X017 - RAD Round Sticker

SKU: 4X017
    • 4X4WARD Original Equipment.
    • Three-inch round sticker on backing sheet.
    • Rad colorway, inspired by the 80s Vaporwave Aestetic.
    • Exclusively available at Radwood PNW on 7:20:19.
    • Made in the U.S.A.
    • Three inch good for side windows.
    • Best of all, it's free.
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