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I was a child of the 90s. I remember first hand the bold colors that would come with my new clothing each September as I would join others in my return to school. The brightly colored shoebox was the pinnacle of this event, folding back the tissue paper to revel in the leather and textile joined to a soft foam and rubber sole. Inside, the quintessential air softening each step. 


It was that logo that stood out to me. Symmetry in the perfect triangular shape with those 3 circular letters spelling out not just the brand, but a statement of how they would serve me through this school year. Not just some conditions, not most, it was the full range. As an adult, I get to relive those vibes with my 4X4WARD SPORTSWEAR LOGO stocker.

MNFR Part Number: 4X014 - Sportswear Logo Sticker

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